Coronavirus news, support and advice

Raleigh Rag June – July 2020

With some sadness the Rag committee has decided that it’s simply not appropriate to print and distribute the next few editions of the Rag. Twenty eight years without missing an edition, but the coronavirus has overtaken any planning we or indeed the country might have had, and given the advice it’s obviously best if we all keep a low profile for the time being, whilst focussing on keeping  ourselves and those around us safe and supported. We will be producing an online version of the Raleigh Rag on the website and it will be emailed to all those on the village e-mail group ( see below).

One of the most important things (after handwashing, of course!) is communications.  You will be reading this because John Brabrook has your details on the village email list.  Please forward this message to anyone who you think is not on his list, and urge them to contact him at so that they get any urgent information quickly.  

In addition, please have a look at the Village Phone Directory.  If your details are already on there, please check the information is still current.  If not ( and we do know that since the last major revision we have gained some new neighbours, so you may not be on the list at all) and you are happy to be included, please notify Val and Mark at, or 01404 41107, and we will produce an up-to-date list as soon as possible, and get it distributed by some safe means.

Don’t forget the village website – – information can also be found there.

Lastly, Carol Lazarus had the brilliant idea of forming a village Whatsapp group.  It’s already up and running and spreading information, so if you would like to join, then please contact her at

The PCC has launched a local initiative to offer help if you need it.  If you need the sort of assistance  that they might be able to provide –  for instance, shopping, prescriptions, advice and limited practical help, subject of course to protecting the health of all concerned, please contact Rosemary on 47156.   Please do not struggle on if you are alone or in need – just ask, and the community will do what it can to help.

For medical emergencies or advice, or any out-of-hours crisis, you should phone 111 or 999.

Now the less positive stuff….

As you might expect, all Church services are suspended until further notice. as have Village Hall events and Parish Meetings.

Whilst the loss of these features is a blow to community life, we are sure that limiting contact as is now very much required is the best way we all as individuals can help to limit the spread of this virus.  We are  sailing a strange ship through uncharted waters but we are doing it together and – we labour the point –  if you think any of us can help you through this next difficult period, please do make contact using any of the routes outlined above.

Stay safe.  Stay in.

With best wishes from your Rag Team